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    You are NOT alone! All of us live in a world that challenges the moral guidance God would have us follow. We hope and pray that this site will be a place to find information that will guide, support and assist you through the challenges that you as a young person face.
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    We have been compiling resources for youth and youth leaders with topics ranging from Baptism to Homosexuality to Self Esteem.
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    A place where young people can learn from others about their decisions for baptism, download Christadelphian music, connect with CYC's around the world and more!

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Pornography is nothing new, but the Internet has taken it’s usage to a whole new level. Access to pornography has never been easier, and it turns out that believers are not immune to its addictive allure.
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In this resource kit, we’d like to help you identify the real reason(s) why you are not baptized and help you remove any obstacles preventing you from responding to God’s invitation for you to be baptized.
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Music is a subject which has intense feelings and passions connected to it for many of us. Sometimes, it brings us to tears, other times it helps us to feel and experience the scene that the words are painting....
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